Motor Bikes Are The Leading Cause Of Accidents In Ghana.

There have been several cases of accident in Ghana. Over 600 lives has been claimed in less than four months. Now what really causes these accidents. There are so many factors but what is the main cause. A study has been conducted and it is known that motor bikes are the leading cause of accident in Ghana.

Major road accidents in Ghana are caused by motor bikes. Most riders on these bikes have no licence and drive on the road at a very high risk. They cause cars to crash in other vehicles. Motor bikes sometimes slow the speed rate on the highways which results in overtaking which cab sometimes bring about an accident. Most people in the northern part of the country prefer to use the motor bike as compared to vehicles. This has also caused a lot of motor accidents in Ghana and especially in the northern part of the country.

There must be strick regulation on motor bikes in Ghana. There should be a strict enforcement of helmet for all motor riders. No licence, no ridding.

This can keep us safe in the country and from road accidents.

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