A Ghanaian Junior High School Student Makes A Flying Plane Using Drink And Spray Cans

A Ghanaian Junior High School student shocks social media users with a flying plane made of insecticide can tin.

The young guy is identified as Atta Gad, a jhs one student of Dr Saunders Memorial School in Kintampo. The young kid has attract so many reactions following her shocking innovation.
According to Atta Gad, his dream is to become a pilot one day and flies huge planes. Obviously the jhs one kid has started chasing his dream at every tender age.

In a video sighted online today sees the young jhs boy controlling the can tin plane which moved on ground for a while and later flew a bit up just like the plane flying process.
Taking a close look at the ‘can tin plane’, it’s movement is being supported by a capacitor which supplies power to the machine. Quickly take a sneak peak at the pictures and video of the plane below.

A huge creativity from a Ghanaian jhs one student and it is being appreciated by all social media users. With a little push and hard work Atta Gad can achieve his dream of being a pilot one day.

Content created and supplied by: Obededom (via Opera News )

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