Big Logs Fall From Timber Truck And Crashes Two tricycles at Sankore – Ahafo Region

A serious accident has occurred at Sankore in the Asunafo South constituency on Friday, 7th May, 2021. The inhabitants of the Ahafo region did not hear good news today as two tricycles popularly known as “pragya” are still trapped under heavy logs which fell from a lumber truck near the Sankore Senior High School.

According to eye witness report, the logging truck was climbing the long hill which leads to Sankore senior high school campus. The lumber truck was carrying three heavy logs arranged in a triangular manner. Then suddenly, one of the timber shaft broke in the middle of the long hill and the logs started falling down. The driver lost control of the timber truck when the shaft broke down.

The two tricycles which were carrying passengers in their normal town riding business saw the scene ahead of them as they followed the truck in a distance. So all the passengers got out of the two tricycles to a safer place. The logs descended the hill and crashed the two tricycles into wreckage. The tricycles are still trapped under the logs. Even if volunteers are able to help remove them, the damage is beyond repairs. The engine as well as the body is totally crashed into pieces.

The good news is that, no passenger was injured and no life was lost as they got out of the tricycle before the crashing happened.

The tricycle riders save the lives of the passengers at the appropriate time. A little delay inside the tricycle would have caused death.

As custom demands, each of the passengers inside the tricycles has to eat one boiled egg to satisfy their souls for seeing death in the face and been able to come out of it safely.

The Ahafo region has several forests and many timber companies have licenses to fell trees from these forest in commercial quantities for export and local use.

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