It pays to help people that are in need because you can never tell who is looking at you and when your good deeds will be recognized globally. This article is about a woman who felt she was doing good by saving a child who was starved, and yes she did the right thing.

The white woman whose name was withheld, was passing by and she saw a little boy who looked malnourished, probably abandoned by his family members. Reports didn’t state why this young boy was abandoned, but the good thing is that someone came to his rescue.

The white woman did not take his racial difference or colour pigmentation as an excuse to not help this young child. She was touched after she saw him looking pitiful, then she decided to take him home.

After taking him in, she named him Hope and decided to love him as her own child. She sheltered him right from when he was a toddler and made sure that he was well fed. From the pictures I’ll be showing you below, you’ll confirm that his condition is in a better state now.The white woman went as far as tattooing his name on her arm, to show the amount of love she has for him.

Definitely if this child grows up, he will never forget his God-sent angel in form of a human. Now I’m curious about something, so I’ll ask the question to see if I can get some answers here.