Pictures of The Four Policemen Who Murdered Constable Emmanuel Osei Hits Online… Must Read

The Late Constable Emmanuel Osei

The Ghana Police Services on Tuesday, 8th march, 2022 arrested four suspected police officers who are alleged to have killed their own team mate in a Bullion Van attack (2021)

All the four policemen have been identified as personnel of the national swat team of the Ghana police services and an instructor armourer at Accra police depot.

Their names according to the Ghana Police Service are No. 58284 Constable Reindolph Ansah, No. 53549 Lance Corporal Stephen Kweku Nyame, Constable Yaro Ibrahim and Constable Richard Ofosu.

Insiders have alleged that before the operation which led to the death of Constable Emmanuel Osei, all the suspects and the deceased took a group picture.

An eyewitness narrating how police were able to arrest them said ” they raised an alert, unaware he was a cop.

He was taken to the Striking Force Unit and reportedly tortured for two days before admitting his guilt” . Pablo one of the suspects confirmed that initially they did not want to shoot Late Constable Emmanuel Osei but the deceased saw him in the operation and even mentioned his name. To avoid been caught or exposed they had to shoot him in the forehead which eventually lead to his death.

Further investigations have revealed that the second suspect in question nicknamed Jah rule is an ex convict who served his jail term at the Nsawam Prisons. As to how he was recruited into the Ghana Police Service is still a mystery. ” Anyone who gives a criminal and an ex- convict, Jah Rule a gun, is simply a fool in uniform. The police service is a huge criminal organization with a few good men” he said.

Prior to be arraigned before court, their photos have gone viral on social media.

The most painful part of the story is that

they all belonged to one team.

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