Strange And Deadly Creature Appears At Axim Beach 24hrs After The Osu Incident.

Media confirmed authoritatively that some deadly and deadly wild dolphins has been washed ashore .They appeared at the Axim Beach 24hrs after some deadly fishes appeared at the Osu Beach.

Many people have been wondering as fishermen are traumatized about the incident. This has become very worrying because nobody knows what is happening in our water bodies especially in the Sea of the Atlantic ocean.

The general public is expecting the Ministry of Fisheries and that headed by Honorable Hawa Koomson and the food and drugs Authority to speak on the trending matter.

The public is yet to know what caused the thousands of fishes to be washed ashore let alone knowing the cause of the dolphins been washed ashore At Axim beach today.

The Food and Drugs Authorities yesterday warned about buying cheap fishes Which could be drawn from the poisonously fishes

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