Dangerous Fishes That Appeared At The Shores Of Osu – Ghana

Not long ago, it was reported from Osu that a large number of fishes just landed at the shores of the sea and as at now, nobody really knows what brought the fishes. According to reports, residents of Osu and even those who heard from other places have crowded at the sea, taking these strange fishes home.

Just recently on Peace FM, a reporter brought this one. According to the reporter, this strange thing started about two days ago and people are really taking the fishes home and also selling some for money. He continued that these fishes are not the normal redfish that they take from the sea but a different one.

According to him, some health workers also came to the sea to take samples of these fishes to examine them to know what happened. This is because, the fishes are not the normal fishes from Osu and their number today is also somehow scaring.

He therefore went forward and concluded that, according to these health workers, it is very dangerous to consume these fishes and that, people should make sure they don’t eat the fishes until Tuesday, when they will finally announce if the fishes are eatable or not.

Watch Video Below

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