He did it for Alan Cash and camera caught him, Ghanaians reacts

At the funeral ceremony of the wife of Nana Bonsu, a gentleman was spotted for doing what is beyond human beings imagination.

Mr. Alan John Kwadwo Kyerematen was at the funeral ceremony of the wife of Nana Bonsu, the New Patriotic Party’s Serial Caller in Antoa near Kumasi.

During Mr. Alan Kyeremateng’s presence at the funeral ceremony, a young guy who is said to be a full member of the New Patriotic Party and a die hard supporter of Alan Cash Movement 2024, slept on the floor to welcome him.

According to some people who have started talking about what the gentleman did see it to be a sign of respect that every single individual in the Ashanti Kingdom can give to an elderly person.

And to some others too, bowing down for man shows the kind of love that one has for his fellow human being.

Some supporters of the New Patriotic Party NPP are also of the view that, for a party supporter to go down like that for a favorite flagbearer means that the grassroots are ready for him.

Ghanaians keeps passing out a lot of comments below:

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