One arrested for stealing coronavirus vaccines

Coronavirus Vaccine667

Covid antibody

One more individual has been captured and summoned under the watchful eye of the Circuit Court in Accra for supposedly taking and selling Covidshield antibodies having a place with the state.

The capture of Lord Pabitey, a Disease Control Officer of the La Bawalashie Polyclinic, who was prior everywhere, presently amounts to the three previously masterminded people to make the absolute of four.

He was captured by National Security agents in Accra and has been remanded to return on April 1.

Pabitey, whose request was not taken showed up in court without counsel.

On March 19, Stephen Dzisenu, 37, a Disease Control Officer of the Greater Accra Regional Hospital, Cosmos Allotey, 42, an Occupational Health and Safety Officer, and Joseph Knight Gaisie, a Project Assistant and a previous Laboratory Technician at the Greater Accra Regional Hospital were summoned.

The investigator Detective Sargent Frederick Sarpong asked the directing adjudicator, Mrs Afia Owusu not to allow them bail since they would meddle with the examination.

The request of the charged was not taken yet Detective Sargent Sarpong read out current realities to the blamed in court.

They were captured by National Security agents in Accra.

The cop told the court that endeavors were in progress to capture other people who are associated with the supposed wrongdoing.

Advice for the blamed requested that the court concede their customers to bail however the solicitation was turned somewhere near Mrs Owusu.

Brief realities

Current realities as per the arraignment were that Dzisenu purportedly took 36 vials of the COVIDSHIELD, while Lord Pabitey, a Disease Control Officer of the La Bawalashie Polyclinic, presently everywhere, supposedly took 26 vials of COVIDSHIELD.

Criminal investigator Sergeant Sarpong said Allotey was the individual who got the taken COVIDSHIELD from Pabitey and Dzisenu.

The court heard that Allotey purportedly regulated the antibodies at GH¢200.00 per hit.

Gaisie is likewise being held for an extra charge of abetment of wrongdoing.

The examiner said during the primary seven day stretch of March this year, the agents got wind that some wellbeing authorities had been taking and selling COVID-19 immunizations.

Criminal investigator Sergeant Sarpong said during the examination, the agents found that it was Allotey who infuses the COVID-19 antibodies for an expense.

He said the complainants reached Allotey through the phone and faked interest in getting a portion of the COVID-19 antibodies, so he charged the complainants GH¢200.00 per immunization.

The arraignment said on March 16 Allotey was captured when he appeared at infuse the complainant at Labone, Accra.

He said when Allotey was looked, eight COVIDSHIELD vials, eight utilized COVIDSHIELD, 173 bits of 0.5 ml unused infusion needles and cotton were found on him.

The indictment said during cross examination, Allotey referenced Dzisenu and Pabitey as his source.

He said Allotey drove the National Security agents to capture Dzisenu and Gaisie.

The indictment said Allotey conceded purchasing 36 of the vials at GH¢18,000.00.

Investigator Sergeant Sarpong told the court that Allotey clarified that he sold 20 of the vials of COVIDSHIELD at an expense of GH¢16,000.00 and later returned 15 vials to Dzisenu.

The indictment said Allotey said he additionally purchased 26 vials of the COVIDSHIELD from Pabitey at GH¢4,800.00.

Sarpong said Dzisenu likewise referenced Gaisie as the person who helped and encouraged the offer of the taken COVIDSHIELD immunizations to Allotey.

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