20yrs Old Nurse Who Lost Her Life After An Attacked By Armed Robbers .

Name Erica
completed Chiraa Snr High

Friends and old students of Chiraa Senior High School are mourning the demise of an old student who was allegedly tortured and shot dead by armed robbers on the Wenchi High way on her way to work.

An eye witness who was a victim of the robbery attack, spoke to Wenchi based Royal FM and explained that the incident happened around 3 : 25 pm, the armed robbers shot six shots in the car tyre forcing it to stop.

They started shooting simultaneously to create awareness that anybody that tries to blow alarm will be dealt with. The nurse who was in the front seat was dragged down and given hefty slap and beating.

They took away all their belongings and valuables. The driver who courageously tried to make an SOS call was shot. The nurse was also shot in the thigh. Before police could arrive at the scene, the robbers had ran away living the casualties.

The nurse reported dead at the hospital after doctors tried to give her life but couldn’t succeed.

Rest In Peace Erica

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