Sorrowful : Young Boy Killed His Friend Over A Bluetooth Speaker With A Scissors,

Death is inevitable and much relevance is place on natural death whenever such saying is quoted. However, there have been many instances where man takes the life of his fellow man for unknown reasons. Information reaching us is that, another sad murder has hit the people of Nkawkaw Zongo. The exact news is that two young boys had an intense fight that ended the life of one of them.

Eye witnesses reported that they were fighting over a bluetooth speaker. They narrated that both of the boys had claimed ownership of the blue tooth speaker. The boys were identified as Lawaali Umar, a fresh SHS Graduate and Shafiw. The narration has it that Shafiw initially indicated that the Bluetooth speaker was for him and as such warned Lawaali to bring the speaker. Shafiw went ahead to tell his father and his father advised him not to go but rather wait. However, due to anger, Shafiw took a scissor and stabbed Lawaali in the neck and back which led to his death.

Watch video Below

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