Latest: Surprising Moment As Efia Odo’s Mom Looks Younger And Even Prettier Than Her Own Daughter In Their New Picture

Ghanaian media personality, journalist and social media influencer, Andrea Owusu popularly known as Efia Odo has shown her mother to the world once again.

The outspoken and former TV presenter in this afternoon posted a picture of herself and her mother on her twitter platform. Efia Odo on one of her active social media account platforms shared a picture thst has since been causing huge traffic on her platform.

On her twitter platform she captioned the picture as, ” Mommy and me”. The picture was a great and nice selfie. Both looked very beautiful and classy as Efia Odo has always been or looked.

Efia Odo and her Mom

Efia Odo who has not recently been in the news as she used to be could be seen in the picture to be happy once again, but in doubts her mother looked beautiful, pretty and even younger than her.

Efia Odo is really blessed to have a mother as such. She will definitely have time to spend with her mom since she looks younger. We hope other celebrities in the country will also have the courage to post their mom as often as Efia Odo does.

Content created and supplied by: Allliveentnews (via Opera News )

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