Tears Flow As Sunyani Serial Killer Kills A 12 years Old Boy and Other Missing Kids In The Community

It is emerging that a 28 years old man is behind the serial killings in Abesim near Sunyani in the Bono region Richard Appiah might had used his victims as food. This horrifying information was gathered Ark FM during an interview with some of the residents of Abesim moments after the man was arrested.


According to the father of one of the victims Mr. Thomas Adjei who doubled as a step father to Richard, he never expected his step mechanic son to be a serial killer not to talk about human flesh eater. He described his step son as the very quite type of person who seldom gets into trouble. He had no known friends and was always either in his Abesim house alone or in the family house.

According to him, Richard came to pick Louise from the house at around 3:30pm on Saturday with the excuse that he wanted to send him on errands. But after 7pm, Louise was not back. Mr. Adjei said he called Richard to ask why Louise was not back but Richard told him he (Louis) left for the house before 5pm.

He said he became anxious because a boy had gone missing a week earlier. So hs gathered some neighbours to embark on a search for Louise. Upon entering Richard’s house at Alaska junction, Richard tried preventing the team from accessing his house. But they forced their way in only to find the lifeless body of Louise lying supine in one of the rooms. There was another unidentified body also in the room

Richard Appiah was arrested and handed over to the Police. But a further search in the house by the police later identified human parts in a deep freezer in the house. The parts were identified as one Stephen, a 15 year old boy who was reported missing a week ago. The police have since conveyed the human parts and the two bodies to the mogue pending autopsy and further investigations. Richard was in the custody of the Sunyani Regional Police command assisting in investigations.

Meanwhile residents of Abesim have expressed shock over the news. To them, Richard was the last person anyone could suspect of committing a crime. They said it came as a mystery to them to note that the quite guy was surviving on human flesh. But they also believed he may be into money ritual as well as some vital parts such as the head and genitals were missing from the discovered body parts.

The police were however yet to confirm as to exactly what Richard was doing with the human flesh stored in his freezer and the two people he had just killed.

Content created and Supplied by Opera News

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