Meet The Boy Who Was Born Without A Brain, But Six Month Later Doctors Scanned And Discovered This

Most of our children nowadays experience many diseases while still in the womb of their parents.

According to report, a baby was born without a brain whe he was scanned by a doctor who took care of the mother.

It was noted that, the boy has no brain for the first month when he was born, but later had brain six months later.

Without wasting much time let’s take a look at the pictures below.

The picture below indicates the scan that the doctor made before and after recovery

It was noted that, the name of the boy was known as Noah a baby of Shelly.

Those who witnessed this testimony thanked God for his miracle.

Our God is very wonderful and does miraculous things only, we should always wait for his answers.

Any hand that type Amen at the comment section shall experience miracle.

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