Soo Sad: Tears Flow as TB Joshua’s Body is Laid in state.

Finally prophet TB Joshua’s body has been laid in state at his church premises where his church members and loved ones are paying their last respect to him. Prophet T.B Joshua passed on, on the 6th of June after he held a community gathering that same day and passed on few hours after his sermon. The death of the man of God took many by surprise as he wasn’t I’ll or was he battling any form of sicknesses but to some of we believers we know everything which has a beginning has an end and no one is going to live on this earth forever, T.B Joshua did his part he transformed people lives, helped the needy and delivered the sick. On this day some people believe the Man of God is in heaven and they will always remember him for his good deeds.

May his soul rest in peace and we will forever remember him.

Content created and supplied by: DailyNews360 (via Opera News )

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