England Versus Germany: Read How Peter Drury Captured the Final Moments of the Match

So, when England draw Germany at the Round 16 stage of the European championships, many thought the encounter was a chance to renew a long standing rivalry that goes beyond football to include every aspect of life. Tuesday’s game did indeed lived up to the billing with end to end action. The English however left it late to claim a 2 – 0 victory at Wembley, courtesy goals from Raheem Sterling and captain, Harry Kane. All two goals came in the last 15 minutes of the game and Peter Drury, the English commentator known for mixing poetry with sports commentary was ecstatic and at his usual best. He summarised the entire game after referee Danny Makkelie’s final whistle with these words.

“Modern England write their own new history

This time on Wembley the German giant was slain

The past is ripped up first by Raheem Sterling and then by the England Captain Harry Kane

A day for which then nation has quested, a redemptive day for which the nation football leader(Gareth Southgate) has longed

For him, at first quench, an ambition attained

It’s only the last 16, its only a place in the quarter final

But, this is a fixture which resonates with relevance

Which echoes with history

Which matters almost more than any other

That England beat Germany is in itself for now sufficient

Huddles lie ahead

England can believe they can go all the way

But for now the crest falling Germans must take their plane home

This is a trophy which won’t be there’s

And all three of the group of death, France and Portugal and Germany have disappeared in a thrice

Sterling three goals in four tournament games, Grealish another key assist

A Wembley crowd that drips it in and cherishes the moment that they were there to witness something beyond ordinary

It is a beautiful scene through English eyes

The final score at celebratory Wembley is England 2 – Germany, nil.”

Content created and supplied by: Kumbundoo (via Opera News )

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