‘Don’t Mind Them. We Are All Inside’ – Ghanaians Said To A-Plus

Ghanaians have reacted to Kwame A-Plus post after sharing news item with them stating that police are calling on government to fix some street light on some street in Accra and he jabbed them for blocking citizens not to demonstrate in the country to get it fixed, and Ghanaians has told him that he shouldn’t mind them for they are all into the difficulties together.

Ghanaians who are not happy with the system reacted differently to A-Plus social media post and tell him their feelings about what’s going in the country.

“Common streetlights we don’t have. People want to demonstrate too you say no! Ah” A-Plus said on his facebook wall to informed Ghanaians about what police officers are requesting from the government.

Ghanaians with one voice stated that: Don’t mind them! Abi we all dey inside.

Some people pen down long message to A-Plus stating that: A Plus, a system that allows mass gathering without considering the so called corona protocol adherence, obviously, should send a good message to the Ghanaian population that a two by four demonstrators would always be denied access.

If Ghanaians truly want to be heard, they need the whole masses in ALL the 16 regions. This is how to overpower the security forces. Every institution must be part of the demonstration not some two by four demonstrators.

The whole police forces can never overpower the whole Ghanaian masses.

Let’s ask ourselves: how do we gather when it’s time for campaign? We gather in masses. It’s obvious we’re still sleeping and only few sees the need to join in demonstration.

I don’t think the police officers would stop the masses unless they are ready to wipe every one in Ghana.

Ghanaians are overly known for their cool nature and most of them are fearful. They are known for great cacophonies but they hardly act when they must act. This is why the politicians or big men would always take advantage of this and ACT against the whole population because they have been manipulated on a psychological level.

Someone stated that: I keep saying this, and I will continue to say it. This country will not move forward, until we can manage our street light. Ordinary bulb we can’t manage then we talk of big projects.

“I think Ghana should have Minister of street light. Some street light work on day time and go off at night. How” someone said.

Ghanaians with one accord is sending a clear signal to Ghana police Service that they won’t talk much anymore but time will exposed them for keeping them silence when they want to demonstrate across the country on fixthecountry issue to fix things they are requesting from Government.

See their reactions below.

Content created and supplied by (Opera News GH)

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