Where Are Your Taxes Going?- Afia Odo Charges Ghanaians To Demand For Accountability

The sensational social media influencer, Afia Odo is unrelentingly shaping the course of political activism in Ghana.

In a latest post sighted on her Facebook page, the popular celebrity says it is time the youth of Ghana stopped defending Politicians who only care about their stomach. She challenged the youths to demand for accountability for how their taxes are being used by those in the helm of affairs rather than settling for a peanut to protect and defend the very people who are unconcerned about their welfare.

“Everyone in this country pays taxes if you don’t know. Whenever you make any purchase, whether you’re buying pure water, credit, taking Uber, buying food from the roadside, you are paying taxes on it. Ask yourself where is your tax money going to? Some of you defending these political parties that will never defend you. Can you see that you are being taken for a fool? You pay taxes for them to eat and for you to starve. They don’t care or respect you. The only time they show concern is when it’s time for vote. Stop selling your conscience for 50 cedis”.

Afia Odo is one of the few celebrities who have been in the forefront of the fix the country campaign. She has been vociferous about the plights of the citizenry, drawing attention of political leaders.

Content created and supplied by: nanewortorsamuel99@gmail.com (via Opera News )

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