Five Photos That Show That The Late T.B Joshua Was A Good Samaritan

The Bible teaches us that there is time for everything. A time to sow and a time reap. A time to be born and a die.

To every soul born on this Earth, a day will come when you have to return to your creator. To many believers, dieing is seen as a transition into the spiritual realm.

A lot of people die and are forgotten within the shortest period of time. But others immortalize their names and presence in the hearts and memories of the living. The life you live during your days on Earth will determine whether your name will be immortalized or not.

As shocking as it is to many of us, Prophet TB has gone to live with his maker after several years of service. His life was not a bed of roses. One can imagine the magnitude of challenges he has to surmount to build the Synagogue Church of All Nations with such huge membership.

Irrespective of the cacophony of divergent opinions about him, he remains one of the most influential servants of God in the 21st Century.

Irrespective of what your views about him are, one thing that cannot be contested is the fact that he was a man of humility. It is very hard for anyone to suggest that Prophet TB was full of pride.

Below are few photos

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