Prophet Kumchacha Finally Speaks In Favor Of Twene Jonas.

Twene Jonas Prophet Kumchacha

Twene Jonas, a social media commentator, has been in the limelight in recent weeks for criticizing the leaders of Ghana.

Some Ghanaians seem to be enjoying what he’s doing, however, others too have been bashing him. And in a viral video, a man was spotted cursing him.

Kumchacha has spoken on this matter. According to him, he seconds Jonas.

During an interview with Fiifi Pratt on Kingdom Plus 101.9, he explains that the system cannot be working 24/7 when some places are filled with so much rubbish.

He believes this guy is doing a good job and should be backed by every Ghanaian. “The leaders are underperforming and they should be called upon to act ASAP”, he said.

Social media users around the country have reacted to his claims.

Let’s know your thoughts on this issue. Thanks for reading.

Content created and supplied by: Pharmacy_ (via Opera News )

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