A Woman Murdered Her Children, But What She told The Police Will Make You Sad

A Woman Hanged Her Children to Death, But What She Reveals to The Police Will Leave You in Tears

On September 23, 2019, Conner who is 8 years old, and Brinley who is 4 years old were found unconscious, hanged in the basement of their home. Rescuers managed to revive them and took them to hospital by helicopter, but they died before they got there. It was their mother, Lisa Rachelle Snyder who called for help.

In the recording of his conversation with a 911 operator, she can be heard saying that her son complained of being bullied at school because of his weight and speech problem, and that he “Had made threats to kill himself but did not want to do it alone”. According to the mother’s statements, her depressed son trained his little sister, prompting her to hang himself with him.

Lisa Rachelle Snyder a 36 year old woman was arrested by the police for committing a big crime. This mother, who lives in Pennsylvania, is accused of double infanticide and bestiality. Her two children were found hanged in the basement of their home. While the mother tried to cover up the murders of her children, creating false findings for two months, the police later arrested her after discovering the truth.

On Facebook, Lisa Snyder wrote a few days after her children’s death: “It becomes harder every day, i really miss both of them and i cry everyday, with all my heart i love you so much. The investigation continued over the next few weeks and the police started to find suspicious details. First of all, the children’s age.

It’s very difficult to understand why children of their age would commit suicide successful. Also, a mother calling for help seems hard to understand instead of trying to save her children especially when she had the chance to. Particularly when the aid team came to rescue the children they could revive them, so if they had done so earlier she could also have saved them.

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