Nana Agradaa Returns Three Gods To Priest Akakpo

Evangelist Patricia Oduro Koranteng, formerly Nana Agradaa, who declared her gods and dwarfs as powerless after her arrest and converted into Christianity, returned three of her supposed gods to Nana Akakpo at Nkawkaw Amanfrom.

Three of the gods who served Prietess Nana Agradaa have been returned to their roots. The chief priet, Nana Akakpo, was not around when the gods were returned home. Nana Agradaa did not send the gods herself: her representatives did that on her behalf.

Upon reaching the residence/ shrine of Nana Akakpo, he children and subjects refused to collect the gods since their father and master was not home. After several deliberations, they poured libation and welcomed the gods back home. They apparently became possessed by the spirits that were operating through the gods, and it was a sight to behold. This increased the number of gods at the shrine to fifty three (53) as fifty(50) were already there

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