Two Motorcycle Riders Crash To Death In Takoradi

Two Motor bicycle riders have been crashed to death in Takoradi. The fatal accident happened in the dawn of Monday, April 26, 2021, at Esaman a community in the Sekondi Takoradi Metropolis of the Western Region.

According to reports, the two young men whose names have been given as Peter and Patrick were returning after a Sunday night birthday party in Sekondi.

Both of them were without helmets and that caused their death. The Western Region MTTD Commander, Chief Superintendent Isaac Kwesi Sorkpah confirmed the sad news.

According to him, a faulty DAF truck was parked on the road at the time. The young men unfortunately crash their motor on the truck. Their motor was damaged and the two sustained various degrees of injuries leading to their deaths.

“It happened around 4 am this dawn on the main road from Sekondi to Takoradi. One young man was riding the motor with another passenger on the back. When they got to Essaman, a DAF cargo truck had a fault on the road and the driver refused to indicate with danger signal. The motor rider was on top speed and crashed the vehicle with his passenger. The motor damaged beyond repair and the two died on the spot. They went to have fun at Sekondi and were returning home. That’s when the incident happened”. Chief Superintendent Isaac Kwesi Sorkpah confirmed.

According to him, the family of the two young men is yet to be identified. He further revealed that one of the deceased was celebrating his birthday and they went out to have some fun when the accident occurred.

He advised motor riders to take safety precautions on the road seriously to avoid crashes.

“These guys went to celebrate a birthday and refused to put on their helmets. That is a bad practice. Now two young men who are just 29 to 30 years have died just like that. We have not identified their family yet. But I will advise road users to abide by all the safety regulations. Most of these accidents are as a result of reckless driving”.

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