Two Motorbike Snatchers Mobbed To Death At Sogakope In The Volta Region

A Motorbike snatching incident yesterday April 19th resulted in a a mob attack as the motorbike snatchers were beaten to death at a village near Kpotame, a suburb of Sogakope in the south Tongu constituency.

The owner of the motor was ambushed and after trying everything possible to escape He was shot by the two robbers.

In an attempt to whisk the bike, the village folks besieged the scene upon hearing the shot. The two perpetrators believed to be in their early thirties got mobbed at Sogakope in the Volta region.

One popular boutique owner just by the road believed to be part of the deal was fortunate enough to survive the mob attack. He later was sent to the Ada police station. Sadly his accomplice met his death.
our source reveals The owner of the motorbike was still not located at the time this report was filed.

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