Professor Adei Said – “Achimota School Was Right, We Make Too Much Noise About Minor Things”

Professor Emeritus Stephen Adei, Ghanaian Educator

Professor Emeritus Adei, has indicated in an interview with Joy News TV that; “the Achimota School was right in its decision not to admit the rastafarian boy, we make too much noise about minor things without considering the root cause”.

The Professor Emeritus added that, with respect to the Achimota School’s brouhaha, basically, there are rules in the school and anybody may ask for those rules to be changed.

However, he said, at the time of the admission, the headteacher of the school merely applied the available rules of the school; which does not allow the wearing of dreadlocks as a student of the Achimota School on campus.

Forecourt of the Achimota School

Moreover, he explained that, one may consider the rules available currently to be archaic, but they are the prevailing rules at the moment; and therefore, they must be adhered to.

Meanwhile, Prof. Adei remarked that, it is permissible for students to wear dreadlocks in the our Ghanaians universities because, at that level, one is considered as an adult.

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