Please Cut Off My Finger – Teenager Cries As Stolen Ring Tightens Around His Finger

A young boy called Seth Omari Boateng has stolen a ring from a trader suspected to be a northerner. The stolen ring has refused to come off the finger of the thief who stole it. This incidence occurred in Pantang.

This ring keeps tightening around his finger causing him immense pain. It has been a week now since the ring started tightening around his finger. The boy’s finger has swollen to the pulp and some withnesses to this event say it has started rotting.

According to an interview with the assembly man of the area, Mr Alex Agyei Obedeka, they have contacted various people to try removing this ring and it has all been fruitless. Many of the spiritualist who attended to the boys case said it is not a hospital issue. They say the boy have taken a spiritual ring which is believed to pull customers for the trader and that’s why it refuses to come off his finger. Mr Obedeka said this as a response to them after the news team requested they take Seth to the hospital.

The news team also interviewed Seth. Seth explained how it all occurred.He said a friend bought him a necklace from this trader and in the process of the purchase, he secretly stole the ring from the trader’s ring box and hid it under his cloth. He later wore the ring which has refused to come off his finger till now.

Seth said the pain has reduced after a spiritualist from Benin worked on it for him but still the ring has not been removed.

Mr Obedeka called on the pastors and spiritualist to come to their aid to solve this issue. Seth also begged for forgiveness and requested for help. Seth says he can’t sleep, therefore he calls on everybody to be of help to him.

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