I Wanted to Become an Armed Robber and Kill my Father – Young Man Narrates His Sad Life Story

A father, they say is a spirit, and for that matter to have one is a blessing. It is wise for one to have their father’s blessing in everything they do. However, a young man who introduced himself as Kofi Abrukwah has narrated to Zion Felix how he wanted to become an armed and kill his own father, because of some ill treatments he passed him through.

The young man revealed that growing up, he never had the opportunity to live with both of his parents. Her mother lived in Konongo while the father lived in Accra. He revealed that he lived with his mother for a while and later came to stay with his father in Accra.

According to him, he wasn’t happy with the fact that his parents were not living together, and so was hoping and praying that one day they would be reunited and live together as a family. To make matters worse, his father decided to divorce his mother for a reason known to themselves.

After the divorce, his father wasn’t taking good care of him. He was very wicked towards him, and so he decided to leave home to stay with a neighbour. He disclosed that at that time, he had entered SHS. He sometimes had to absent himself from school to do some menial jobs to take care of himself. He continued that his father went to complain to the school authorities that he wasn’t staying at home. That resulted in his dismissal from the school.

That got him so depressed that he wanted to end his life. He attempted a suicide but was unsuccessful. He then thought of becoming and armed robber, so that he could kill his father. He divided to discuss his plan with a friend of his, but the friend advised him that it wasn’t a good idea. According to him, if he had become an armed robber, his father would have been the first person to die in his hands.

He then decided to move to Konongo to live with his mother. His mother had him enrolled in Konongo SHS. According to him, his mother promised to pay his school fees, but would not be able to feed him. He explained that he had to work with a fried rice seller in order to be able to take care of himself.

From the look of things, the main cause of the young man’s predicaments was that his parents never lived together and later broke up. When a family stays together, they grow stronger and stronger. So fast forward, the young man as a result of the ordeal went through when his parents divorced, has decided to sensitize the general public on the need to stick together as a family. For the past three years, he has been moving from church to church and from institution to institution, educating people on the need to live together as a family.

When families live together peacefully, it goes a long way to ensure peace and tranquility in the nation as a whole. The quality of individual families determines the quality of the citizenry of a nation. It is therefore important that parents are sensitized on the need to stay together and bring up their children well. This does a lot of good to the young ones and the country as a whole.

What do you also say about this? Please drop your views in the comments section.


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