Two Caught Red- Handed For Transporting Dry Skull And Human Bones

The prevalence of crime is much greater this days in our society, in which people live in fear and panic.

Following what happened at Kasoa last week Saturday, two teenagers who murdered a 11- year old boy at Lamtey Mills in Kasoa. Most Ghanaians decended on some public institutions to banned some Television Stations that allowed these fake mallams and fake prophets.

Meanwhile, these fetish priest and fake prophets has transitioned their ways into Facebook, Twitter and Instagram advertising themselves.

Another crime incident has happened at Kwamekyere in the Eastern Region. Two suspects, a taxi driver, Awatey David Okra, 22, and Ameuvor Nicholas, 20 has been arrested for transporting dry skull and Human bones.

According to report, the Unit Committee Chairman of Kwamekyere Electoral Area, Mr. Aware Isaac together with the youth of the town handed them to the Kraboa- Coaltar Police.

The rapid increase of crime rate is overwhelming, if our existing laws is not sufficient to deal with criminals in our societies, then our law makers and policy makers should swiftly make laws to curb this menace.

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