Fisheries Commission Stated That “Livers And Gills Of Dead Fishes On The Seashores Are Ok”

The head of fish health department of the Fisheries Commission, Dr. Peter Zedah, has made known findings of initial tests of the fishes that washed ashore a few days ago which caused pandemonium in some coastal areas of the country.

Briefing the Minister of Fisheries, Hon. Hawa Koomson and journalists at their laboratory, he said that the findings of the test conducted on some of the organs of the fishes showed that the condition of some of organs, such as the liver and gills were in good condition.

He made mention of another observation which they made. He stated that they realized the intestines were empty.

One other organ which can provide crucial information in the whole exercise is the kidney, he mentioned. He explained that the kidney of the fishes can help determine whether any condition the fishes suffered was caused by internal or environmental factors. He stated that the kidneys of the sampled fishes had been taken for tests and in due time, the findings would be made known.

The Minister on her part expressed the sentiments by most Ghanaians. She stated that Ghanaians wanted to know if the fishes came ashore by natural cause or there was more to it.

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