“We Bought The Dolphins For 4,000 Cedis, Government Should Help Us Get Our Money Back” Fish Mongers Said…

Some fishmongers in the Western region have by their actions refuted that the fishes, believed to be dolphins which were washed ashore a few days ago along some parts of the country’s shore were all collected and disposed off by the Food And Drugs Authority(FDA) safely without getting into the hands of unscrupulous people.

An investigation conducted by Citi News has revealed that a significant number of the fishes were able to make their way to homes around where the incident happened.

Explaining the reasons for their actions, some fish mongers stated that there had been a huge number of fishes which had been washed ashore but there was no information which indicated that the fishes, or dolphins were poisoned or harmful. They had to quickly organize themselves so that they could buy the fish.

A startling detail was revealed when one of the women said she spent as much as Ghc 4,000 to get the fish. She went on to say that due to the size of the fishes, she had to task someone else to cut them into pieces.

This person also charged them Ghc 200. She therefore pleaded that they may lose their investments if it comes out that the fishes are poisoned, so the government should try and help them if it so happens.

From the report, it became evident that some of the fish had already been smoked and ready to be sent to the market, if not already done.

The question is who sold it to them???

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