Close down all multimedia houses in the country and impose these two restrictions… Nana Addo Said

Following the tragic incident which happened at Kasoa two days ago. It has been the trending topic all social media platforms speak about.

According to the teenagers who killed their 10-year-old friend revealed they were influenced by a mallam on one of the television stations. The name wasn’t revealed but the police are doing all their best to give any information about the incident and those behind it.

As the police are doing their part what is the government also doing to help eliminate all these things from happening in the country. Now it seems all the television stations in Ghana have the right to show anything on TV or allow any advertisement apart from alcohol.

Most of the television stations have been occupied by mallams, spiritualists, and pastors who keep throwing dust on the eyes of the public defrauding them through money rituals and other fake sustenance.

To my opinion, the government should close down all multimedia houses and impose these restrictions.

1. All the mallams, priests who have occupied most of the television stations should be banned and any station found showing anything related to money rituals or superstition should be close down.

2. Some of the stations that do not show any beneficial programs to the public should be close down.

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