Boys who killed their friend for sakawa reveal more secrets that the Mallam told them that he will travel with them to Benin.

18 years and 19 years old boys who alleged killed their friend for sakawa explained that, the Mallam told them that, after the whole process he will travel with them to Benin for more powers which will help them to become more powerful and rich.

Please forgive us , we were deceived don’t kill us and we’ll repent from our evil deeds. This has got massive stir as residents are still searching for the Mallam who’s behind this criminal incident.

Investigation is still ongoing on this painful incident that has happened in Kasoa. Residents in kasoa anger is still on the two alleged killers and they’re calling for Justice.

According to my thinking maybe the Mallam did something strange to the two alleged killers that’s why they were able to killed their own friend ( Ishmael).


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