Never Ever Destroy This Plant In Your Home, See What It Can Do For You

The reason why I say don’t destroy this plant whenever you see it is because most people definitely destroy it, cause it’s mostly found in people’s houses and gardens, and people remove it and throw it away.

The name of this plant is called Chromollaena Odorata. it has so many other names in different parts of the world, some call it ‘paraffin weed, Armstrong’s weed, Eupatorium, Chromollaena, Siam weed.’

Here in SA it has two names, in IsiZulu and in Afrikaans. It’s called Usandanezwe in IsiZulu and Paraffienbos in Afrikaans.

Many people don’t know of the medical benefits of this wonderful plant and because of that we usually clear it out so as to make way for planting seeds.

But did you know that this plant is endowed with loads of health benefits and that makes it used in traditional medicine?


1. It is a pain reliever

“Taking half glass cup in the morning and evening for a week will definitely deliver anyone from body/back pain.”

2. Keeps good health of reproduction organ on women

“The Health of reproductive organs is one of the very important things that need to be aware of. To maintain the Health of it, you can drink the Chromollaena Odorata brewed water.”

3. alternative for diabetes

“Not only to maintain the health of the reproductive organs of women, but the leaves can also prevent diabetes.”

4. Good for your heart

“Consume the plant leaves.”

5. Blood Pressure

“The plant leaves are also capable to decrease your blood pressure. This is specifically useful for those of you who have hypertension.”

So the next time you see this plant, don’t even think of throwing it away, but instead, use it to your benefit.

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