We usually know that teachers harass students to have affair with them but it seems the table is being turned around. Students rather go the extra mile to seduce their teachers. A teacher with a weakness or a predatory instinct might be tempted to cross the line.

A chat between a teacher and his student has leaked and circulating on the internet. When the teacher was confronted this what he had to say:

“As a teacher in one of the government schools, I have never given my telephone number to any student yet female students consistently figure out how to get it. They call me and send distinctive instant messages.

They generally attempt to acquire my consideration by giggling and doing pointless sexual gestures.”

In the conversation, the student was rather trying to make the teacher fall for her tricks. Sometimes the public puts the blame on teachers found in a relationship with students but children of this generation seem to be reincarnated beings.

Below are pictures of the leaked chats: