Most Dangerous Roads In Ghana

In just 2020 alone between January and October there were nearly 12,100 reported road accident in Ghana caused by more than 20,400 vehicles and these accidents led to 2,080 deaths and 12,380 injuries.

And also in 2018, more 13,000 reported cases of road accidents were recorded in the country, with about 15,000 casualties including recorded death cases.

These records and more shows how Ghana has a serious problem when it comes to our road system, and it’s about time that we build more quality and safe roads that will minimise the road accidents in the country.

Base on some report on road accidents in Ghana I give you 7 most dangerous roads in Ghana.

1. Tema motoway

Since it completion in 1965, the Tema motorway has been the only Motorway in the country. It links Tema to Accra, and it is one of the longest roads in the country. Some of the accidents which occurs on this road has been associated with tiredness of the drivers and also the lack of streetlights and road signs on the road.

2. Takoradi — Elubo road

This 130 kilometre road between Takoradi and Elubo has seen some of the highway accident in the country.

3. Tamale — Bolga road.

This Highway is approximately 169 kilometres long, and it has recorded more than 789 vehicle accidents.

4. Kumasi — Techiman road

In 8 years alone more than 1,702 road accidents were recorded on this 126 kilometres Highway.

5. Kintampo — Tamal

This road is also one of the highways in the country and a number of serious road accidents have happened on it.

6. Accra — Kumasi road.

This road link the two major cities in Ghana, and it is one of the busiest roads in the country. But unfortunately it is also one of the roads which accidents frequently occurs on.

7. Accra — Cape Coast road.

This 145 kilometers long highway road has recorded some of the most fatal road accident in the country.

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