Illuminati Girl Reveals Where Accident Are Going To Occur This Easter And How It Is Being Performed.

One Illuminati Girl who has now been saved by God Reveals how accident are going to occur this Easter and how it is done.

She revealed this one On 1 FM, on program hosted by Evangelist Prince Boateng, in the morning to start your day great and happy.

She revealed a lot of accidents which happens on some special occasions like Easter, Christmas etc are not normal and are planned by the Marine spirits.

How they perform such strikes or activities are very unique and you will have no cruel about it. She said when they get into a bus they will leave a white handkerchief in the bus and that will cause the accident because there a lot of words been said onto it and sometimes it turns into a housefly to disturb the driver and with that, the driver will immediately lose control of the car and cause an accident.

She also named where a lot of accidents happen during this time. One (1) is the Kasoa highway and also the Tema motorway.

So she is edging everyone to be very prayerful whenever you are see something like this in a bus you are in or when you are on the Kasoa highway or the Tema motorway.

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