Breaking News; Driver dead after Ashiaman Overpass accident.

An excavator driver Ethan Mensah has lost his life, after a truck carrying his excavator made a wrong turn and crashed on the motorway. Ethan who has been worrying his father for over six years to get him a job, was successful this year when his brother in the US, worked with few friends to get an excavator for him. The brother of Ethan Omens, was lucky when someone sponsored him to the US in 2010, and has been supportive of the family in Ghana, ever since he made his way there to the US. Ethan who learned how to drive an excavator in 2012, knew how difficult it was to secure employment to driving that machine, and still pursued the driving because, he had hopes his father was going to use his connections to help him secure a job.

Things became rusty for Ethan, when the father wasn’t successful in gaining him a place with mining companies he knew off. With the help of Omens, Ethan’s father was able to recover a lost contact of one of his most dearest friends, and through him, Ethan was given assurance last year. The company Charles, the friend of Ethan’s father works for, was looking for a heavy machinery to replace another they were working with, which was almost faulty. Omens was contacted by Charles company, and they made reservations for him to secure appointment with one of the leading excavator distributors in the US, who was willing to give free delivery to Ghana, if the company went ahead with their purchase.

Omens got the money from Charles and he was able to make the purchase in the US in January, where shipping was made. The machine arrived in Ghana on 13 March 2021, and clearing was made 29 March. Ethan since the day the machine arrived in Ghana, never left the Tema port because of his happiness in getting a job finally. Ethan tried getting a low bed truck with low tide to the ground, to carry the Machine from the port to Kpone, where the construction was to begin. He didn’t get one, and tried a high bed truck which was available to him at the port. Ethan hopped onto the machine, and drove it to the high bed truck, when they didn’t get any low bed truck to carry the machine.

The driver of the truck was warned by Ethan to slow down and not to speed, because of the high bed his truck was. From the port to main road, the driver followed the words of Ethan and drove peacefully at a minimum speed. On the motorway, was where the driver of the truck kept a speed, because of the motorway he was driving on. Ethan called him from his cell phone and warned him to slow down, because the truck was a high bed, and wasn’t appropriate to be used to transport the LiuGong excavator. Right before the Ashiaman overpass, was where Ethan called the driver to remember him again, he was to branch at the junction, but the high speed the truck was going, made it complicated for the driver to slow down.

The driver tried bending to the junction, despite the speed he was driving the truck, and the excavator lost balance and turned. Ethan who was sitting in the excavator, had his head crashing the asphalt, when the excavator turned. He was taken to the Tema general hospital and died this morning. Charles who was waiting for them at Kpone, turned the case into a murder case against the driver, for murdering Ethan when he warned the driver over the phone to slow down. The driver who was arrested yesterday, was still behind bars and will be processed to court on Tuesday 6 March, over the death of Ethan Mensah.

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