A Pastor Wanted to Challenge a Lion to Prove That God Was With Him, Then The Unexpected Happened

To demonstrate its divine power in the face of the world, it did not hesitate to charge lions in the famous Kruger National Park in South Africa. Pasteur Alec, probably inspired by some characters of the Bible who with the power of God had managed to make supernatural exploits.

This is what had to say alec Ndiwane, a South African Christian who was not afraid to self-propelled as a prophet and also pastor in the “Zion Christian Church”, “an independent” African institution “church”

Suddenly, he started talking in “language” by heading for animals that peacefully shared their meal. As a result, he was severely attacked by lions, he happily, he does.

We alluded to Samson and Daniel in the pit at the lions that had gone out without any scratch. The man of God based in Pretoria was at a tourist tour with the faithful of his church in Kruger National Park.

But the felines, rather than being waived, reacted by rushing towards Alec Ddiwane. Without the intervention of a park riding that shot several bullets to scare the predators, he left life.

The lions made him a small reminder by showing him the limits of his territory. We must not forget that a wild animal, even after being tamed, always remains wild. And that, Pastor Alec can testify in his parish. I repeat that everyone respects their territory and everything will be fine.

This is what the South African Daily Post website reported, there is 4 years. Indeed, the pastor came down from a 4×4 before running to a lion pack.

From Opera News

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