A Moving Vehicle Accidentally Runs Over Nine Persons Including Beggars And Traders In Kumasi

Nine innocent people have faced dark fate this afternoon going round their business after a truck running on a top speed fails to stop due to brake failure and run through them in Ashanti Region

The accident occurred at Ghana station where two innocent beggars and some traders who were standing by the roadside got knocked into critical condition. These two beggars sustained severe injuries and hence was rushed to Manhia District Hospital in Kumasi.

According to eye witness report, the Urvan bus with registration number AW 4163-U failed a break which lead to the gory accident this afternoon

Meanwhile the police arrived at the scene on time with other volunteers helped to rescue the victims.

The police warned sellers and traders to be careful where they sit and sell their products as anything can happen.

Here are some photos of the accident, viewers are however warned because it could look uncomfortable

A begger’s bike

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