Pure water now selling at 30p: What is happening my fellow Ghanaians?

The Akuffo Addo’s second term is becoming unpleasant to the average Ghanaians. Just after the budget was read, there is a feeling that there is no hope for the Ghanaian citizen as a lot of taxes have been increased. The cost of living of the average Ghanaian is rapidly increasing with a corresponding decrease in their earnings.

It is obvious that close to half of the population are either unemployed or underemployed and therefore cannot sufficiently fend for themselves. However, they were managing with lives with the petty earnings they had but their case has now been worsened by the reckless managing of the economy that has left this country into a huge debt. And as a result, the government decides to rather increase taxes in order to supplement the budget. It does not help the average Ghanaian.

There is a common saying that water is life and everybody needs a considerably amount of water for their daily survival. And this should not be compromised with anything. But now that there is an increment in the price of drinking water, it presupposes that there is going to a corresponding decrease in the recommended amount of water a human being is supposed to take daily. Where are heading towards as a country?

Even if it is for reason, the Akuffo Addo government should have spared with all those tax increments because we are not in normal times. The pandemic has collapsed many businesses and due to that the general standard of living has fallen a bit.

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