Why “Eric the bouncer” was “bounced” on last Sunday’s date rush. Read it all here.

Sunday nights are exciting times for entertainment lovers, particularly lovers of Date Rush on Ghana’s media television station, TV3, and last Sunday was no different as TV lovers were greeted with another exciting show, hosted by Caleb Geovani.

It was a sad moment for Eric, a body builder and bouncer when he was rejected by all eight of the ladies in the show. Date rush is a Television reality show aired on TV3 every Sunday evening, with it’s purpose to connect single men with their partners. On the show, one man is given the chance to go home on a date with one of the available ladies at the end of the show. The ladies are allowed to ask the man series of questions to determine if he is right for them or not. He also shares his life story, his likes and dislikes amongst others that might interest the bevy of ladies.

But on Sunday, “Eric the bouncer” was bounced by all eight ladies, with some of the reasons being given by the ladies as follows. His dance moves were too dull; he had poor taste in fashion; he was too rigid; there was no vibes amongst many other reasons. Though Aisha, one of the ladies on the show, complimented him and tried to “vibe” with him, he still couldn’t win her heart as he failed to convince her when she asked what he’d do if his family rejected her for her profession as a model and nudist.

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