Sad news for all workers at the public sector including teachers in Ghana.

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning is the government ministry responsible for the economic and monetary health of Ghana. The Ministry is involved with economic planning, fiscal policy, national accounting, the national budget, and creating an environment for investment and growth.

Workers at the public sector including Teachers in Ghana were asking for an increase in their salary. But bad news hit them after the Finance Minister Adviser made a statement when contributing to a discussion on the budget organised by the Ghana National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GNCCI).

According to the Finance Minister Adviser, Dr. Samuel Nii Noi Ashong, public sector workers including government teachers until 2024 will not get any form of salary increment. He also added that, the country is broke so public sector workers should brace their belts as the spread of the covid-19 is expected to reduce somewhere in 2023.

The Technical Adviser at Ghana’s Ministry of Finance also stated that, it is not a rosy picture and let’s call a spade a spade and so when people go on about saying we don’t need the taxes and government must give this and that the reality is that we don’t have the money. Please share, like and comment on this article.

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