TODAY, He has FINALLY BEEN JAILED – Look at how he FRAUDED people.

Francis Elijah also know as Ayambila boldly used the name of a senior police officer to defraud a resident of Danyame in Kumasi. Francis has been sentenced to 20 years imprisonment by the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly Court today.

Francis Elijah changed his voice and spoke like ACP Peter Ndekugri in order to defraud the complainant. ACP Peter Ndekugri is the Upper West Deputy Regional Police Commander.

It has been reported that the convict, who imitated the voice of ACP Ndekugri, called the complainant on phone and introduced himself as the senior police officer. He lied to the complainant and succeeded in collecting his Toyota Corolla saloon car. Francis refused to return the car after several days. His phone was called several times but it was switched off.

The Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Alale, was informed about the fraud by the complainant. ACP Ndekugri was queried about what had happened but he denied having a son in Kumasi called Francis Ayambilla and also denied instructing someone to go for a car from the complaint.

The complainant decided to look for his car and fortunately found it at a mechanic’s shop at the Suame Magazine.

The mechanic disclosed that Elijah brought the car and told him his father, ACP Ndekugri, had an accident and had instructed him to bring the car for repairs.

Francis was arrested on July 08, 2020, and during investigations he admitted the offence.

Today he will be jailed for 20 years.

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