You have spent more money than any government – Kennedy Agyapong boldly speaks after this incident

Kennedy Agyapkng, Assin Central’s member of parliament has boldly spoken after he decided to react to some circulating issues concerning Nana Addo’s expenditure in terms of the nations financial losses and economical state. Management is very necessary in running an economy. And as a result, the economic progress of the country in any president’s term wins him a seat for another four years.

Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is supposed to give the state of the nation’s address today at 2:00pm GMT. This is supposed to cover all aspects of governance in his term as president. It will involve measures put in place to ensure a rapid economic growth and development.

Since jobs and a stable electricity power seems to be the concern of many, the expectation from Ghanaians is that Nana Addo covers these areas and many other areas. Since the dumsor problem which existed a few years ago vanished into thin air, the Npp have been eulogized and praised for making this happen even through the Ndc have tried to claim the praise on several occasions as being the ones who brought the solution to the dumsor.

A recent experience of the power outage has made people begin to criticize Nana Addo and some questioning his competence. Whiles reacting to this on Adom fm few hours ago, Honorable Kennedy Agyapong boldly defended him and pinpointed some mistakes of Ghanaians each time they make allegations against Nana Addo.

The people criticizing the government and ranting are obviously Ndc members, but you have spent more money than any government and no one saw the outcome of the money squandered when you were in power- he boldly jabbed the Ndc for attacking the government over these things.

Who really solved dumsor? Is Nana Addo going to do something about this current dumsor challenge

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