There is a fire coming- Archbishop Duncan Williams makes a ‘serious’ revelation

The Archbishop, Nicholas Duncan Williams reveals or alerts Ghanaians on a fire that is coming. Duncan Williams was trending in the early hours of February since many men of God were giving their view on the trending lgbtq problem that sprung out of the blue.

This was because he is one of the most respected men of God in the country whose contribution to national issues is of much interest to Ghanaians and people in the Christendom especially.

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams in a process of communicating with his congregation and speaking on relevant matters which has currently become the problem of many Ghanaians mentioned or made some declarations that got many talking.

Whiles speaking on the Dominiontv this evening, Archbishop Duncan Williams revealed that there are perceptions that the country is under the eye of the government but that is a lie which no one should believe because it’s protected by God.

Archbishop Nick revealed that like in the days of Elijah, God proved his might to the people of bal and all their priests. There’s a fire coming to destroy all the plans of the enemy concerning our great nation Ghana.

Duncan Williams further revealed that Ghana is a special country and its main source of protection has been from God and that explains why peace is a common thing to witness here.

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