A man reveals what really happened to him the first two days after taking the COVIC 19 vaccine

Covic 19 Vaccine

The first two days after taking the Covid Vaccine with less pain than I anticipated, I felt slight pains in my joints, nothing so serious, just a little above mild. I was not bothered because it is to be expected that some people are going to react to it in different ways. The fact I didn’t sleep well that day, going to bed as late as 2 am didn’t help too. Get some good rest after the vaccine.

My wife took hers the day after, she didn’t react at all.

For those of us who reacted, something tells me that we might have fared worse if we got this virus. My body’s response to the vaccine, which is supposed to be the weakest version of the virus itself to help build immunity response in dealing with covid is enough to tell me that coronavirus wouldn’t have been friendly to me.

Go get vaccinated, don’t deceive yourself that you are young and strong, you never know the hidden vulnerability in your organs that the virus might take advantage of. Some people only got covid before realising that they had underlining health conditions.

The conspiracy theories, from the religious ones like the end time, Mark of the beast and the so-called elimination plot are borne out of ignorance and unnecessary overthinking. It doesn’t matter who propagates it, that’s the truth so don’t pay attention to them

The vaccine is meant to save us so that life can return to normal, it’s not meant to harm anyone

This what he said…

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