This What Happened To Me After 4 Days I Took The COVIC-19 Vaccine__Veteran Journalist Boldly Reveals

Veteran Ghanaian Citi FM journalist, Jessica Opare-Saforo has come out to reveal her personal experiences after taking the Covid’19 vaccine 4 days ago. According to Jessica Opare-Saforo who is famously known as Jessica OS, she made it the revelation that about 4 days ago she went with her colleagues to take the Covid’19 vaccine but things has really turned out the unexpected way after four days of receiving the vaccine.×250&!2&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=mpzbprOLyp&p=https%3A//

However, she made it known that 4 days after taking the vaccine. She has started feeling this strange headache and dizziness which was never her thing. These whole details was gathered from what she revealed on her YouTube channel about her 4 days experience after taking the Covid’19 vaccine.

Meanwhile, her fans has poured out several messages to wish her quick recovery from the reactions she is having after taking the vaccine. After revealing her experience, a lot of Ghanaians has started igniting their doubt for the vaccine but she later encouraged them to stay positive because it is only her personal experience and not general.

Do you have any intention of taking the vaccine? and will you take the vaccine if you health workers visit your district?. Share your opinions.

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From Opera News

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