You need to be investigated- Kennedy Agyapong boldly speaks

Kennedy Agyapong is at it again with his exposés and unveiling of hidden truths. Kennedy Agyapomg, the member of parliament for Assin Central has alleged that there are some investigations which needs to be conducted. Kennedy Agyapong has really worked hard to attain the height he has at the moment and this is why he doesn’t allow anything to paint his reputation black.

In the early hours of today whiles speaking to a radio station in a phone call conversation, Honorable Kennedy Agyapong alleged that each one in government is susceptible to investigations. This is because any one in government is in charge of a property belonging to the state or doing something in favor of the country.

Many have proposed that Nana Addo’s administration needs to be investigated on the regular and this is because Nana Addo is surrounded with corruption. These words are words that are mostly used by the opposition party as they allege that there are a lot of corrupt deeds going on in government.

These rants and issues reaching honorable Kennedy Agyapong made him stand up for Nana Addo and the Npp whiles condemning the Ndc members especially who are saying such things. He revealed that the Ndc currently have nothing saying and that’s why all they do currently is make false news and accusations.

You (the Ndc officials) need to be investigated and not Nana Addo or his government- he boldly stated in defense of Nana Addo against the Ndc and those making such accusations against Nana Addo. He further revealed that the country is never safe in the hands of the ndc because of infinite levels of corruption which seems to be their topmost priority. Kindly comment your opinions below.

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