The president of Ghana, Nana Addo has stated emphatically that the vaccine has not been created to wipe out the African race.
– Was COVAX AstraZeneca vaccine created to wipe African race?

He stated during update 24 monitored by that the vaccine was only created to help prevent people from contracting the virus. The COVAX AstraZeneca was not created to wipe African race.

The president geared minds away from facts stated by “conspiracy theories”.

According to the president the COVAX AstraZeneca vaccine does not implant tracking devices into our system. He assured that the FDA has approved the vaccine ready for use.

To convince Ghanaians more, Nana Addo said that he together with the first lady of Republic of Ghana will take in the vaccine

COVAX AstraZeneca vaccine created to wipe African race as consipracy theories claim according to the president of Ghana.