The New GHANA EDUCATION SERVICE (GES) Self Placement Process 2021

A candidate who did not get any of the choices selected through Automatic Placement should proceed to the Self-Placement portal.

This will give you the opportunity to go into the CSSPS portal and select from schools with available vacancies.

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1 Features of 2020/21 Self Placement Process 2021
2 SHS Self Placement Process
2.1 NB: Make sure to select your desired choice and enroll before schools run out of availability.
Features of 2020/21 Self Placement Process 2021
Only schools with available vacancies are displayed on the portal.
Schools with vacancies will be displayed for candidates to choose based on their aggregate.
Schools shown have their location and residential options available.
A candidate can change schools as many as possible depending on the available spaces. The changes cease immediately a candidate enrolls in a school.
SHS Self Placement Process
The New GES Self Placement Process 2021: How to select SHS Schools in Self Placement.

Follow the steps in the infographic to select a school for your self if you did not get a school by automatic placement

Log into the system using their Index Number and choose residential preference i.e Day or Boarding.

a. When you select boarding, all schools with boarding vacancies will be displayed.

b. When you select day, a drop down menu will appear to select either:

i. Day within catchment area; OR

ii. Day outside catchment area

c. ‘Day within catchment area’ option displays only schools with Day vacancies within 16km of the JHS the candidate attended.

d. Day outside catchment area displays all schools with day vacancies. Before the ‘Day outside catchment area’ option is effected, you must confirm again it you you intend to attend a school outside your catchment area.

e. Programme of choice is selected.

After successfully going through this process, you have to print the Placement form and proceed to the school enrolment.

According to the Ghana Education Service (GES), you can change selected schools muliple times until you have finally enrolled in one. Refer to the articel below.

Changes in SHS school placement module for BECE graduates.

NB: Make sure to select your desired choice and enroll before schools run out of availability.


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